Urban Life Counseling

Urban Life Counseling

Theme common Sense in the new World Delete your problem today

Urban Life Center is a non-profit organization, charter by the State of Mississippi. The organization continues to serve the city of Mound Bayou and other surrounding States today, Urban Life Counseling has helped many troubled youth and has provided assistanceto needy adults and Youths..


Our program is designed to assist you and your Child or Children in dealing with some of today problam, let us help you today.

The objectives are a non- profit organization to aid in counseling of youths and adults and also to foster the development of every day problems as well as Christian education and growth, to feed the mind and soul upon its higher planes to train and assist you to handled today's issues such as:

Teenage Pregnancy.

Family Planning,

Hiv what it is, Aids transmitted diseases,

We give you sound facts and advise about drugs and addictions, and alcoholism..

Anger Management




Marriage Problems?

Suicide feeling?


Peer Pressure?

Thinking Divorce?

Eating Disorders?

Setting Boundaries with your child or Children?

Need to build Relationships in family?


We know because I been there!